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One of the easiest ways to gain marketing insights is to simply spend time listening to your customers. In today’s podcast, we are going to discuss Why It Is Important To Listen To Your Customers, how you can best go about doing so, and what can be gained from this valuable exercise.

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37% of customers expect to get quick responses from businesses they are hoping to make a purchase from. Having a chatbot is key to your website's success--and in this episode, we're talking about how they can generate more leads for your website.

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We're taking a look at some of the best holiday digital marketing strategies and unwrapping what makes them stand out.

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Google Adwords is a complex program, and the cost of investing can depend on a number of different factors. In this podcast I walk you through the 2 main factors of Adwords cost, as well as give you tips on how you can lower this cost and optimize your Adwords campaign

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Dove is my favorite company because they have done a great job at gaining my trust. In this podcast, we'll take a look at building trust with your customer and how you, like Dove can do that.

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Google adwords can be an expensive investment, however, if done properly it can be an incredibly effective marketing tactic for your business. In this podcast I will walk you through the 3 things that make Google Adwords so expensive and discuss at what points it can generate a good return for you business.

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Tim Hortons is one of the most influential brands in Canada. How did they get there? With purpose driven marketing. In today's podcast we'll take a look at what purpose driven marketing is and how Tim Horton's has used it to help them be so successful.

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Wondering if you can get by without investing into your business' brand? In this podcast we highlight three of the key reasons why branding is critical for your financial success as a business. 

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Wondering if you're working with an SEO company that can be trusted? We're sharing some of our top things to look for in SEO company and clarifying common misconceptions so that you don't get burned.

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The fastest growing company in Canada is which has grown 24,182% over the last 5 years to roughly $120 million in revenue as of mid 2019. The key things it does that has allowed it to grow so fast 1. It sells online, 2. It uses magazine quality images in its marketing, 3. It solicits stories from their customers and post the quotes directly in their Facebook posts with an image, 4. They use retargeting ads, 5. They post images daily to Instagram and Facebook showcasing their products, 6. They solicit peer-to-peer sharing asking customers to post a picture of their purchase on Facebook and Instagram.



Ever wonder how Apple is so effective, their copywriting plays a major role into their success. In this podcast we'll outline 16 of the copywriting strategies that Apple uses in their marketing to help your business grow exponentially!

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We looked at the 3 fastest growing companies of all time, to look and see what they had in common. These three companies (Groupon, Priceline and Amazon) are the companies that took the shortest amount of time to reach 1 billion in revenue. Take a listen to our quick 3 minute podcast to learn what we've discovered are the 3 common qualities of companies which have been the fastest growing every in history.

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In this podcast we look at the top 3 things that Tim Horton's does to make them one of the most successful restaurants in Canada. From sharing their love of hockey to emotional connection, this podcast will help you understand how you can invest in marketing as powerful as Tim Horton's.

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There are a lot of tools out there to help track ROI, but which is the best? In this podcast we're going to discuss the importance of a marketing dashboard, as well as three reasons why you should have one.

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What marketing mix will get your company the best results? What marketing mix gets the best return on investment? What marketing mix is most likely to be successful? Have your questions answered in this short 5 minute podcast. 

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Having an awareness of what your competition is doing to market their product or service can help you refine your own strategy. In this podcast, we'll show you how to use Facebook's Page Transparency tool to keep an eye on your competitors and get a leg up on your own marketing strategy.

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Some business owners don't review their website's metrics at all, but we've found that it's incredibly important to review these metrics on a weekly basis. In this podcast we'll explain why it's important to review these metrics, and which 3 metrics you should be reviewing weekly.

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Wondering how much you should be investing in the marketing for your family run privately owned business? This podcast will answer your question. It outlines what % of revenue the average business with under $25 million invests in marketing. This podcast explains why it is important to look at your marketing as an investment and not a cost. If you are looking at your marketing expenditures as a cost, it is negatively affecting your business in a way you probably don't even realize of see. Listen to the podcast to find out what this negative effect is.

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Marketing copywriting can be one of the most effective tools to help you generate more leads for your business. But marketing copywriting is about so much more than just quality writing. Learn more in this podcast!

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SEO is most definitely worth the wait, but how long will it take and what kind of returns can you expect? What can you expect from other methods of digital marketing. We answer all of these questions and more in this podcast.

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SEO is not a quick fix option, but long term, it's the best option for driving traffic and achieving more sales from your website. There are also a number of factors that can effect the speed at which you see results, and we will cover them and more in this podcast.

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There are 3 very specific things you can do to help your business gain valuable market insights, particularly when it comes to your business website. Listen to this podcast to learn more about these 3 things!

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Looking to increase the traffic to your website in only a few minutes? Paying attention to your website pages meta tag titles and descriptions can have a huge impact on your traffic. Let us tell you how!

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Failing to capture any leads on your homepage? This podcast will walk you through the 3 major factors of your homepage that can help to increase traffic to your website, which results in powerful leads.

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In this podcast we walk you through how your business can start drawing in more organic leads, without even needing a sales team to generate them for you!

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In this podcast we will walk you through why it's important to have your business show up at the top of Google or Bing, and how you can help your business website rise to the top of Google's rankings (even against larger businesses!).

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In this podcast we're going to discuss the way that Google is changing how Businesses are found online, and what metrics are most important for ensuring that your business is found on the top of Google's search engine.

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There are a few ways that you can increase your businesses revenue. In today's Podcast we're going to walk you through how you can increase your businesses revenue by 10x!

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There are a few ways to increase your sales, but we've found that one has the most significant impact. In this podcast we'll discuss this "One thing" and how you can implement it into your business today!

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In our prospecting work we've found that there is one specific simple action that can have a huge impact on your sales growth. It's worked incredibly well for us and we think it will work well for you too!

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We always see small business you consider SEO services a little too early, and more often than not way too late. So when is the proper time for a company to consider SEO services? We will cover all of that in this podcast.

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There is 1 thing that we've found is the most effective tool when looking to grow your revenue faster than ever before. And no, it's not a marketing tool! You'll have to listen to find out what it is.

In this podcast we will show you what is the most important for growing your sales between these 3: monitoring your competition, monitoring what you are doing internally, or monitoring your customers and the needs and desires in the market. We'll outline why it is the most important and let you know why the other two fall short.

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In this podcast we take a look at the Marketing Rule Of 7, what it is, how you can use it to grow your revenue faster, and give some practical examples of how you can use the rule of 7 today to start improving your business.

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Great companies are market leaders. Amazon, Apple, Coca-Cola, and Snapchat are examples that all lead their industry. What makes them great is a combination of people, strategy, execution, and purpose. Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) must identify 3 priorities in each area of people, strategy, execution, and purpose. In the people category, these companies leverage individuals who see their jobs as an integrated role, strategy allows companies to go places they've never been before, and purpose enables organizations to be connected to something bigger than their products and services. Yet one theme we find with each of these great market leaders is that almost all have a strategic partnership with marketing agencies. For companies looking to take market leadership, work to refine what your company is great at along with developing a unique corporate mission that goes beyond great products and services. In this article, we look at which qualities make a market leader. With one insightful example after another from companies that are market leaders, we identify strategies for how your organization can become the market leader, the benefits of being a market leader, and how you can get the help to get there.

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Every business should use email marketing because it has a high return on investment, it is easy to do, it is low cost and it creates high quality leads. Imagine you're a small business that's looking to create more sales through a form of digital marketing. On one hand, your could invest your time and money into social media marketing which could result in a return of $12 for every $1 spent, or you could invest your time and money into email marketing which averages around a $40 return for every $1 spent. Now, where would you prefer to spend your time and money? In this podcast, we're going to walk you through what email marketing is, why you should be investing in it, how it works, and we'll provide you with a ton of tips to help you get started!

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In our opinion (and the opinion of other experts) email marketing remains one of the highest returning marketing options available. But like Martin Zhel stated in his article on, "Email marketing and social media marketing are like apples and oranges", so while we can compare their numbers it's always important to remember that every business is different and the effectiveness of a marketing method can depend greatly on the context it is implemented in. In this blog article and podcast, we're going to compare and contrast Email Marketing with Social Media marketing to help you decide which may be the best option for you! 

Profitworks provides Email Marketing services which is one of the highest average ROI marketing mediums available to businesses. If you're looking to make a marketing plan for the first time check out our FREE marketing template. Click here to check it out now!

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In this podcast, we're going to discuss some of our favorite email marketing ideas that are sure to provide you with a lot of leads and conversions. Email marketing is considered one of the most effective methods of digital marketing but it needs to be done correctly and creatively in order to see optimal results.

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Business owners may be surprised to find that SEO usually generates 275% in ROI or an additional $2.75 in profit for every $1.00 spent. Profitworks provides customers with a sustainable strategy to increase their website traffic and sales. This article is paired with a companion podcast in which we discuss the difference of SEO (Search Engine Optimization / Organic) and PPC (Pay Per Click / Paid) advertising. First things first, we explain what organic search and paid search are in simple easy to understand terms and how each are utilized by businesses to marketing their products and services. The podcast concludes with determine whether search or paid search delivers a better return on your marketing spend dollar. After listening to the podcast and reading this article you determine that your business needs help understanding online marketing feel free to send us and email to discuss if our services would be a good fit for your business.

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Everyone who runs a website wants to know how Google determines which pages rise to the top of their search engine. In this podcast, we're going to discuss how Google's ranking factors work, how we determine what their ranking factors are, and share with you some of the ranking factors that we've discovered over our years as an SEO company.

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In this blog article and podcast, we're going to give you our 5 "60 second or less" tips that will help you to find the best marketing company for you. We understand that choosing the right marketing company to work with can be stressful so these tips should help to make the process a little easier. Profitworks Inc. is an expert in the field of Search Engine Optimization and Email Marketing, which is one of the highest average ROI marketing mediums available to businesses. If you're looking to make a marketing plan for the first time check out our FREE marketing template. Click here to check it out now!

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In this podcast we talk about the reasons why page linking is important to increasing Google search result ranking, what are some trends in how page linking is influencing search results, and tips on how to effectively use linking as a lever to propel your page into top ranking gear. Though linking is but one of the many factors in Google page rankings, we help clients use the right approaches in growing their business through page ranking optimizations, see here to contact us or to get a free review for your site. Profitworks Small Business Services provides website search engine optimization and website conversion optimization services which win more customers for our customers.

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This podcast will provide stats on the significance of longtail keywords versus head keywords along with lessons learned from online case studies that were conducted so you can quickly make use of this powerful insight for your business.

If you would like an audit of your search engine optimization or social media activities, contact us to book an appointment to discuss. Here at Profitworks we offer SEO services, Email Marketing Services and Social Media services to help grow your business and increase your revenue. If you are not familiar with any of the terms referenced in this article, scroll down to the bottom of the article where you can find detailed descriptions explaining each term. 

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In this blog article and podcast, we're going to show you our list of the 25 best marketing ideas that can help to give your marketing plan a major boost . Some of the top 25 include creating relevant content for your website, marketing through contests, investing in email marketing and others. These marketing ideas are a great option for anyone looking to build a marketing plan for a first time, or for anyone looking to improve their current marketing plan. Profitworks Inc. is an expert in the field of Search Engine Optimization and Email Marketing, which is one of the highest average ROI marketing mediums available to businesses. If you're looking to make a marketing plan for the first time check out our FREE marketing template. Click here to check it out now!

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In this blog article we are going to discuss the ROI that can be gained from website videos and use several hypothetical examples to explore the topic. The article will go through how to measure success, ROI calculation, what your video should have, why videos are important, examples and lastly a conclusion about different video types. 

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In this blog article and podcast, we are going to talk about the social media marketing services versus SEO marketing services. The primary goal of this content is to explain the top reasons to spend a marketing budget on SEO instead of social media. 

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Improving your website conversion rate means more people are taking actions that you would want them to take. This could mean an increase in email addresses provided, leads for sales or even direct sales from the website. Overall improving your website’s conversion rate can only mean good things for your business, but the few direct results seen above are just the end means of the process. There are plenty of reasons why a website’s conversion rate is important and that’s why it’s incredibly important to constantly optimize your website’s ability to convert. This podcast will run through some of the main reasons why conversion rate optimization is so important which will show you why you should consider it today!

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Search engine optimization has proven itself to be a highly effective marketing tool, and because of its success a lot of businesses have hired individuals or companies to provide SEO services. One of the problems many business people run into when hiring these consultants is that they’re unsure of how to audit them. Like other marketing services, it’s incredibly important to audit your SEO company to ensure they’re providing you with the maximum return on investment, and that their efforts are being focused in the correct areas. As important as it is for the SEO company to understand your priorities as a business, you should want to learn theirs as well. Here are a few tips which can help you learn to successfully audit the SEO company that works for you

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In this blog article and podcast we are going to talk about the ROI of search engine optimization (known as SEO) versus the ROI of pay per click advertising (known as PPC). The goal of this blog article and podcast is to clearly show which has the better return on investment, and explain the compounding power of search engine optimization in a simple, easy to understand explanation.

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In episode #15 we talk about the the importance of SEO, which stands for search engine optimization. In this episode will look at the benefits of doing SEO weekly on your website, the disadvantages of not conducting SEO, discuss what Google thinks about SEO and the consequences of ceasing to conduct SEO weekly on your site.

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Google Algorithm updates impact your website rankings by moving your rankings lower if you are not doing what Google wants. If however, you are following Google's direction for how to provide web users with a better experience, Google will improve your your web pages rankings in search results. (Google's most recent update was the Mobile update, continue reading to learn more). Higher rankings means more traffic and if it is the right kind of traffic this should lead to higher sales and profits. There is a large list of factors that affect search engine rankings and this list is always changing as google makes more algorithm updates. Currently it appears the greatest factor that impacts rankings is the click through rates of your pages. In this article you can find and overview of all of the key factors currently used by Google to determine rankings. On this page there is also a podcast that discusses what is Google's search algorithm, what factors are currently included in the algorithm, what factors currently carry the most weight and what updates Google has made is the past to the algorigthm they use to determine search result rankings. If Google's search algorithm means nothing to you, this podcast is a great place to start. 

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In this podcast we discuss the top 3 tips we have for B2B Small Businesses the search engine optimization efforts. If you would like us to look after your SEO for contact us now to book a time to discuss. The top three tips we outline in detail are post new content reguarily, determine what keywords you want your website to rank for and ensure each page on your website has the proper meta data. 

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In this podcast we discuss if search engine optimization is worth the money or not and how to properly calcuate the ROI return on investment for SEO or maketing methods of any kind. This podcast was inspired by an article on SEW titled "Is SEO Worth It In 2015?" In his podcast you won't find fancy words or things you don't understand. We break down everything into simple to understand business terms.

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Listen to this podcast to quickly learn the answer to your question of what  is search engine optimization. (search engine optimization is also referred to as SEO). In this podcast we explain in very simple and layman terms what seo is, how it is done, our philosophy towards SEO, and what kind of return on investment you can expect from search engine optimization.

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