The Sales and Marketing Podcast

In this podcast we have the pleasure of interviewing Professor David Rose, from the University of Waterloo and the Conrad BETC who lecturers in the MBET program. In the interview, Professor Rose comments on what exactly an entrepreneur is, who can be an entrepreneur, what are the determining factors to whether a business will be successful or not, advice on the marketing of new business ventures and advice for where to start if someone is looking to begin a new business venture. At the very end of the podcast he gives some great advice for all business owners and managers looking to be successful. Be sure to listen all the way to the end to hear this great advice. 

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In this blog article and podcast we are going to talk the return on investment from different marketing methods. We will discuss the industry ROI averages for different methods and give a conclusion on which method has the best ROI. In the blog article you can also find graphs that give a visual display of this information. 

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In this blog article and podcast we are going to talk about how to measure the effectiveness of your search engine optimization. We will discuss what goal you should be tracking, how to evaluate your website compared to the competition and how to measure the sales performance or your website. If you would like to see how your website traffic compares to your top competitors you can click here and we will send you back a report free of charge. Click here if you are interested. 


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