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This podcast and video is a seminar we held recently titled "Thing You Can Do Today To Get More Sales From Your Website". The goal of the seminar was to provide business owners and marketing managers items they can implment on their website on their own with minimal time to increase the sales they get from their websites. In the seminar we did review a few websites of the attendees' but we have removed this section to not leak any confidential competitive information of the attendees. If you would like a digital copy of the presentation slides or you would like a free review of your website to see what could be done to increase the sales from your website just contact us


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The top marketing channels for the best percentage of high quality leads are trade shows, events, email marketing and referral/advocate marketing. When you look at which methods also have the best return on investment the best methods are referral/advocate marketing, email marketing, events and search engine optimization. Marketing can be done through a wide range of channels/methods and various tactics for each channel that will all yield different results based off of many different factors. This article will provide insights into which marketing channels/methods that are on average the best. The information in this article is based on Profitworks' experience providing marketing services to our clients, as well as various third-party studies that have been done on the effectiveness of marketing channels.

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