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In this podcast we have the pleasure of interviewing Jerome Katz, Professor Of Entrepreneurship at Saint Louis University. In the interview Professor Katz comments on what are the key things to be a successful entrepreneur, trends in small business today, information on what marketing methods have the best ROI for entrepreneurs and tips on hiring your first employees. The single most important factor to entrepreneur success as seen in his research and experience is not having a great idea. Instead the single most important factor is having customers in hand that have a problem, which you can solve for them. Listen to the podcast below to hear specifically what he means in more detail and all of the other advice and tips he provides. 

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In this podcast we are going to talk about what Profitworks is working on to become the best SEO service provider, and some of the value-added services that we offer to our clients.

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In this blog article and podcast, we are going to talk about the social media marketing services versus SEO marketing services. The primary goal of this content is to explain the top reasons to spend a marketing budget on SEO instead of social media. 

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