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Do you own an auto repair shop? Would you like to know what the #1 most important thing is that you can do in marketing? Find out in today's podcast.

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What is your most valuable asset? Time. Money, health, brand reputation; they can all be gained back. Not so with time; once it is spent, you can't get it back.

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It is important to create a marketing machine for your business, to ensure it survives. If your business is constantly adding new customers, faster than you are losing customer, it is almost nearly impossible to die.

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Content marketing is used by the vast majority of prominent businesses all over the world including P&G, Microsoft, John Deere, and Cisco because it is an effective tool for increasing sales and customer loyalty and it is extremely cost-effective. Find out how you can become the content leader in your market in today's podcast.

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A conversion funnel is a picture of the various stages in your buyer's journey that ultimately lead them to purchase your product or service. Find out why it is so important to do a conversion funnel analysis on your website on a regular basis.

Maybe you've never heard of having an SEO tune up but just like your car needs a tune up every so often, your website needs one too. In today's podcast we will explain why it is important to do an extensive SEO tune up on your website at least once a year and use regular SEO marketing services.

SEO, by design, has a competitive factor. You want to rank higher, spend less, and claim the largest return on investment. On today’s podcast, we will discuss the 3 Most Important Factors To Compare Yourself To Your Competitors On When It Comes To SEO.

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In this short podcast we get the summary of the book The Mongrel Method: Sales And Marketing For The New Breed Of Buyers, direct from the author himself Steve de Mamiel. Sales and marketing has changed and there is a new buyer in the market place. Steve discusses why outbound sales no longer works and why marketing should now lead sales.

Times have changed for business; gone are the days of undying customer loyalty. Your customers can be easily swayed by new trends, lower prices or negative customer reviews just to name a few. Doing a regular competitor analysis can give you a distinct advantage over your competition; find out how in today's podcast.

SEO services can also give you a distinct advantage over your competition. Learn more.

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Nectarsleep began as a direct-to-consumer company that sold mattresses exclusively online but now they also have almost 1,500 retail locations across the United States. They have sold over 1,000,000 mattress and were previously named the fastest growing e-commerce company in the U.S. So how did they do it?

Listen to this podcast to find out. Nectarsleep successfully used SEO to help them grow so incredibly fast.

Check out the SEO services that could help your business grow too.

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