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Around the world, many businesses are struggling in light of the coronavirus. In today's podcast, we're sharing some innovative ways that you can pivot your business strategy and make it out to the other side while helping others.

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Since its inception in 2009, Uber has grown into a hundred billion dollar company and is the highest valued private startup company in the world. In today's podcast we'll take a look at how Uber has grown so fast and how they have made our culture comfortable with getting into a car with a "stranger."

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So what is the secret to Paycom's incredible success and how can you use the same strategies to help your own business grow? You'll find out in today's podcast.

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Netflix began in 1997 as a small DVD rental business and only two decades later it has become one the the largest TV and movie studios in the world with more subscibers than all the cable TV channels in the US combined. So what has been the key to Netflix's succes? You'll find out in today's podcast.

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Chatbots are changing the customer service strategy for businesses worldwide. In today's episode, we're sharing how to use chatbots to grow your own website sales. 

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We're sharing 5 of the most important things to improving your customer experience, including efficiency, knowledgable service, ease of payment, convenience, and friendly service.

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Dollar Shave Club is a small startup that exploded with success. How did they do it. You'll find out in today's podcast!

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Using humour in advertising can help make your marketing messages more memorable. In today's podcast we're counting down the top ten funniest advertisements of all time.

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In this episode, we discuss the rise of voice search and what that means for marketing. We also offer some helpful tips to help you adapt more quickly than your competitors.

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Want to know how to cut your marketing costs in half and at the same time improve the results from your marketing spend? This podcast has the secret along with what to look for when hiring a person for a marketing manager or marketing director role.

This iconic television commercial and slogan from the 80's literally had me and most of my contemporaries rolling in the aisles. Want to know what it was? Listen to find out.

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Why it's important to review and rework your business strategy more than once a year, what best in class business strategy planning should look like and what it should include.